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Flashcards are the easiest way for me to retain information. At this point, I don't take notes for my classes anymore. It's all flashcards all the way, baby. I use Anki, so the links below are to .apkg files. If you have Anki on your computer, double-clicking the downloaded file should open them up automatically; if not, right-click and select "open with".

I know a lot of people prefer using Quizlet, and yeah there's a way to import these decks into Quizlet, although idk about what that'll do to the cards with images or cloze deletions. But if you want them in Quizlet format anyway, message me and I'll show you how to convert them!

AFM 101

See my review for the course here.

AFM 102

See my review for the course here.

AP BIOLOGY (Advanced Placement)

Actually, this is a combined deck for both AP Bio and the Alberta Bio 20/30 curriculum. There's a lot of overlap between these two courses and I was taking them simultaneously, so I didn't bother separating the two at the time.

BIOL 240

Assumes you have a basic knowlege of bio (BIOL 130 or high school level), but still covers some review of introductory cellular biology.

CHEM 120

For CHEM 120 only, not CHEM 120L!! (Although there is overlap between the finals, this deck does not provide comprehensive coverage of exam content for CHEM 123L.) See my review for the course here.

CHEM 123

Does not include content for CHEM 123L!! See my review for the course here.

ECON 101 and 102

Including this deck is kind of questionable because... uh... it's pretty messy. It's a combined deck for Micro and Macro. ECON 101 is covered in full, but the ECON 102 cards don't include content from the last several chapters (aka the point at which I gave up on the course). I didn't use tags to separate 101 and 102, which also makes it kind of a pain sorry :-(

See my review for ECON 101/102 here.

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