• I do not like pumpkin in baked goods (other than pie)
  • I do not like persimmons in baked goods
  • I do not like strawberries in baked goods (except like fresh strawberries in cake, or again, pie)
  • I love apples in baked goods but only with a good amount of fat


  • One chicken breast is the perfect size for one large serving. So, for example, three chicken breasts would be the ideal amount to cook for three servings of butter chicken.
  • Sub equal amounts of plain yogurt + water for buttermilk, or a 1 : 2 ratio of greek yogurt + water. – Cook’s Illustrated


  • Leave fresh oranges or clementines on the counter for a month before eating. – What I ate, Jul 1–7
  • Keep some coin batteries on hand when your scale starts showing the Lo indicator occasionally.


  • Peaches, when baked, taste amazingly sweet but can smell bad