(Starting September 2019, I have stopped using the β€œfoodventures” tag and new posts will be posted in my β€œdiary” tag. This tag is still up as an archive of all pre-September 2019 entries.)

  • What I Ate: North Italy Edition (Part 3/3: Venice) (31 Aug 2019)
    As the last stop on our Italian journey, Venice marks the last segment of this summer's holiday food updates. Even as I'm writing this (when I should really be reading textbooks), I miss Venezia so much. 😒
  • What I Ate: North Italy Edition (Part 2/3: Emilia-Romagna) (24 Aug 2019)
    Emilia-Romagna is not only home to the Motor Valley of Italy but also to culinary bastions like Bologna and Modena. Although we missed out on the famous lasagna alla bolognese this time, we managed to have a number of amazing meals and no shortage of gelato!
  • What I Ate: North Italy Edition (Part 1/3: Milan) (22 Aug 2019)
    The cosmopolitan nature of Milan is reflected through its varied cuisine. We ate everything from modern Italian dishes at a Michelin-starred restaurant to Brazilian-Japanese fusion sushi.
  • What I Ate This Week: Aug 12–16 (16 Aug 2019)
    It's another short post this week as I'm heading off to Italy on Friday. This week has been less than healthy because I've been a bit preoccupied with exams, and I've had no motivation to cook.
  • What I Ate This Week: Aug 5–11 (11 Aug 2019)
    Lots of curries and bakes this week as we reach the midway point through exams. I stopped buying groceries this week, since we're going on vacation in two, so the meals are getting a little sparse.
  • What I Ate This Week: Jul 29 – Aug 4 (04 Aug 2019)
    Since the past two weeks haven't the healthiest in terms of meals, I'm trying to get back on track with more vegetables and whole foods in my diet. The start of exam season isn't going to stop me from making yummy food.
  • What I Ate This Week: Jul 22–28 (28 Jul 2019)
    It's been a busy week of food as I procrastinate on studying for exams. I'm getting back into bread-baking... well, baking in general. Not a lot of actual cooking this week, but the oven is seeing a lot of use.
  • The Perfect Batch of Grandma's Chocolate Chip Cookies (22 Jul 2019)
    Welcome to Jellie's Taste Kitchen. Today we're studying how changes to the baking time and temperature of cookie dough produce different results. These are my most successful chocolate chip cookies to date!
  • What I Ate This Week: Jul 15–21 (21 Jul 2019)
    This week's meals are a bit all over the place. Highlights include: burrito bowls, weekend potluck, a yummy new sauce for bok choy, shopping at St Jacob's Farmers Market, and spicy ramen challenges to top it all off.
  • What I Ate This Week: Jul 8–14 (14 Jul 2019)
    My meat vocabulary is expanding further! This week I cooked spare ribs for the first time. I'm also trying out a new way of eating called OMAD (One Meal A Day), and am really enjoying myself so far.
  • What I Ate This Week: Jul 1–7 (07 Jul 2019)
    Happy Canada Day β™‘ We did most of our celebrating on Sunday, so this week is back to normal for us. We reached a new achievement this week: 0 instances of eating out! Fingers crossed we can keep it up.
  • What I Ate This Week: Jun 24β€”30 (30 Jun 2019)
    Kevin and I are going on a diet together. I am determined for both of us to eat out as little as possible, since there's no reason I can't cook most of our meals. Except a few meals with friends, we more or less achieved that goal this week!
  • What I Ate This Week: Jun 17β€”23 (23 Jun 2019)
    I've had my Kenwood stand mixer for less than two weeks and we've already developed a codependent relationship, help. Also, I try reverse-searing a steak for the first time in my life.
  • What I Ate This Week: Jun 10β€”16 (16 Jun 2019)
    We're back to the daily grind this week, but I'm kind of happy I can go back to cooking new foods and trying new recipes with a vengeance! And now that my mixer has arrived, I've broken it in by attempting to make some hot dog and hamburger buns.
  • What I Ate: Montreal Edition (10 Jun 2019)
    On Thursday, we traveled to Montreal for a small weekend getaway. No home cooking at all in this post! It's all delicious, unhealthy, ultra-fattening French food, and I hope you like reading about it as much as we loved eating it.
  • What I Ate This Week: Jun 3–5 (05 Jun 2019)
    This week's regular post is getting cut short, because I'll be traveling to Montreal on Thursday for this year's F1 Grand Prix (and for a taste of authentic Montreal poutine, and smoked meat, and bagels, and... you get it). (Check out my [special edition post](/food/foodventures/what-i-ate-montreal-edition/) all about the best Montreal eats.)
  • What I Ate This Week: May 27 – Jun 2 (02 Jun 2019)
    I'm happy to say I didn't generate any food waste this week. I'm getting better at fully using up the things in my fridge, and it's probably because cooking for two people is easier than for one, even if I have to make separate meals a lot of the time.
  • What I Ate This Week: Jan 21–27 (27 Jan 2019)
    Didn't cook as much this week since I went back to Waterloo for the weekend and went out for every meal. Lots of misses in the kitchen this week, but there are some success stories in here too!!
  • What I Ate This Week: Jan 14–20 (20 Jan 2019)
    Now that I've got an access card for the office, I can start bringing microwaveable food to reheat at lunchtime without fear of getting locked out! I really put effort into meal prepping most of my meals this week to save time.
  • What I Ate This Week: Jan 7–13 (13 Jan 2019)
    Been a hectic week. I'm getting settled into my new sublet, and cooking has been a struggle at times because I'm still in the process of stocking my pantry with essentials. I've been relying heavily on baked goods and stuff I can cook in my Instant Pot (when am I not?) because my pots and pans are back in Waterloo at the moment.