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Older food diary entries (earlier than September 2019) are under the tag “foodventures”. Newer posts can be found below.

  • Jellie's Great British Bake Along: Week 3, Bread (28 Sep 2019)
    Although most contestants of GBBO are apprehensive about Bread Week, this is probably the week I was most excited to bake along to. Not that I'm a good bread baker—I just love eating bread!
  • Jellie's Great British Bake Along: Week 2, Biscuits (27 Sep 2019)
    We're making fig rolls today! Well, date rolls to be precise because I don't have figs. This is Week 2 of my bake-along with The Great British Bake Off. I've never eaten a fig roll before, although I did use to buy the occasional fig bar from my high school vending machine. I imagine they have to taste kind of similar.
  • Jellie's Great British Bake Along: Week 1, Cake (13 Sep 2019)
    The first challenge of my 2019 GBBO Bake Along is already a disaster! Not only am I over three weeks late, my cake suffered a terrible accident en route from the oven. Doctors say he's not going to make it :'(
  • Jellie's Great British Bake Along of 2019 (27 Aug 2019)
    Last term, my bf and I got addicted to watching the Great British Bake Off. For Season 10, I've decided to try to follow along with the episodes as they roll out and try my hand at each week's technical challenges.