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Ancient Hellenic Recipes

Ancient Rome

Olivia’s Cookbook, Roman Recipies Adapted for the 21st Century


Viking -and Anglo-Saxon Recipes

Modern Cookbooks

Everything Tastes Better Outside

Sweater Weather

Old Cookbooks


Feeding America Project

A collection of “most important and influential American cookbooks from the late 18th to early 20th century.”

Vintage Californian Cuisine

Interesting blog that tries out and documents old Californian recipes.

British Cuisine

All of these books are old as hell, and are therefore in the public domain. They’re free to use for non-commercial purposes.

The Boston cooking-school cook book

Breakfast and savoury dishes (Florence B Jack)

Breakfast and savoury dishes (Rose Owen)

The Broadlands cookery-book : a comprehensive guide to the principles and practice of food reform

I have a special place in my heart for this book!! It features a picture of Hermes on the cover! ♡

The country house : a collection of useful information and recipes : adapted to the country gentleman and his household, and of the greatest utility to the housekeeper generally

Domestic and economical cookery recipes : with special hints on gas cooking

The Englishwoman’s cookery book : being a collection of economical recipes taken from her “Book of household management”

Five thousand receipts in all the useful and domestic arts

The “Culinary Arts” chapter containing recipes starts on page 194 (200 in the pdf).

The Godey’s Lady’s book receipts and household hints

High-class cookery made easy

Katharine Mellish’s Cookery and domestic management, including economic & middle class practical cookery (Volume 1 and Volume 2)

The King’s College Hospital book of cooking recipes : being a collection of recipes contributed by Friends of the Hospital and published in aid of the Fund for the Removal of King’s College Hospital to South London

Middle class cookery book

Miss Beecher’s domestic receipt book

Modern Day Cookery for Private Families

Mrs Beeton’s Cookery Book

The new cyclopædia of domestic economy, and practical housekeeper

The Northampton cookery book : favourite recipes tested by well-known ladies

Practical cooking and dinner giving

Recipes by Bradford Lifeboat Bazaar

Valuable recipes for cooking Duryeas’ Improved Corn Starch

Recipes for high-class cookery : as used in the Edinburgh School of Cookery

Domestic economy, and cookery, for rich and poor [electronic resource] : containing an account of the best English, Scotch, French, Oriental, and other foreign dishes ; preparations of broths and milks for consumption ; receipts for sea-faring men, travellers, and children’s food ; together with estimates and comparisons of dinners and dishes ; the whole composed with the utmost attention to health, economy, and elegance

Handwritten Recipe Book and additional volume

The cursive writing is extremely hard to read, but this looks like someone’s personally recipe collection.


The Black Whale cook book : famous old recipes handed down from mother to daughter

Old Québec recipes (Recettes Québecoise)

French and English versions of each recipe.


Arte de cocina, pasteleria, vizcocheria, y conserveria

The author, Martínez Montiño, was the chief chef for King Philip III of Spain at the time the book was published.


The art of French cookery

Colette’s best recipes : a book of French cookery

The French Cook: a system of fashionable, practical, and economical cookery, adapted to the use of English families (5th Edition and 8th Edition)

Easy French cookery : containing over 300 economical and attractive recipes from a celebrated chef’s note-book

French cookery: comprising L’art de la cuisine francaise, Le patissier royal, Le cuisinier parisien

French cookery adapted for English families

French cookery for ladies

French Dishes for American Tables

French domestic cookery : combining economy with elegance, and adapted to the use of families of moderate fortune

The French family cook : being a complete system of French cookery

French household cooking : with a number of recipes from the best Paris chefs, simple and inexpensive

The gastronomic regeneration : a simplified and entirely new system of cookery

A guide to modern cookery

The ideal cookery book

Manual of French cookery : dedicated to the housekeepers and cooks of England who wish to study the art / simplified for the benefit of the most unlearned by one who has tested the receipts.

The royal cookery book (le livre de cuisine)

The royal cookery book (le livre de cuisine) : comprising domestic and high-class cookery