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Review: How Am I Supposed to Talk to You? by Lauren Holmes

(This short story is found in Lauren Holmes’ Barbara the Slut, an honest, modern—albeit sometimes generic—collection of stories about youthful love, sex, and identity. Holmes’ style is deceptively simple, using sparse language and leaving much to the reader’s interpretation. I would hope, however, that Holmes’ lovers represent only a fraction of... Read more

Review: The Lumber Room by Saki

Easily digested and fun to read, The Lumber Room, a tale of one boy’s struggle against the foolishness of adults, makes for an excellent introduction to the short story form. From the first paragraph, our hero Nicholas is presented as a troublemaker and a rebel against the established order. An incident involving a frog in the breakfast bowl ma... Read more

Review: An Englishman in Madrid by Eduardo Mendoza

Don’t say a word. You Protestants always think you have to say unpleasant things. You believe that something bitter or wounding or brutal must be the truth. But things are not like that. Miracles and fairy tales are not illusions. They express a hope. Perhaps heaven is only a hope too. Even so, it helps us live. Truth cannot be an illusory ho... Read more

Review: The Girl Who Was Saturday Night by Heather O'Neill

He was wearing a white dress shirt that was unbuttoned. You could see that he had a tattoo of Jesus on his chest. There wasn’t much scarier than a tattoo of Jesus. It meant that you were spiritually inclined. And if you were spiritually inclined around here, it probably wasn’t Sunday school that got you that way. Rather, it was a combination ... Read more

What I'm Reading This Week: An Englishman in Madrid, The Girl Who Was Saturday Night, and Night Work

I’m reading a few books this month: An Englishman in Madrid, The Girl Who Was Saturday Night, and Night Work, which is part of a Michael Cassidy series that I’ve never heard of. Every book in the mystery genre I pick up these days seems to be part of this or that series. I’m really not a fan of this model: in general, when it comes to crime fict... Read more

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