I'm back!

Hey all, I’m back!! I’ve found, over the years, that whenever I try keeping a journal or blog I jump too enthusiastically into it for a number of days or weeks, and soon I get exhausted and abandon it. Usually I delete my old entries, but for this one I didn’t, which must be a sign, right? Maybe this attempt is the one that sticks.

Every time I resurrect a project I try to do something differently, something that I hope will strike a balance between simple and beautiful so it’s easy enough to keep updating yet aesthetic enough that I won’t be ashamed of what I wrote ten years on. So these are the things I’m doing differently this time:

That’s it for now. A lot has happened in the past months, and I’m not sure how much of it I can get down, or how long my new spurt of inspiration will last, but this time I’ll try focusing more on my own beliefs and getting my thoughts down, even if they’re unpolished.